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Member: Michael A. Mastracci, Esquire

Mike MastracciMike Mastracci is a nationally recognized family law attorney with over 20 years of professional experience. He is a Collaborative Divorce Attorney, mediator and Child Access Coach. After surviving his own gut-wrenching divorce and child custody battle, Mastracci founded and operated Maryland’s first full-service Child Access Center. Mastracci is a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals and a founding member and president of the Maryland Collaborative Law Association.

Stop Fighting Over the Kids Book CoverMike Mastracci is the author of the widely acclaimed book, Stop Fighting Over the Kids: Resolving Day-to-Day Custody Conflict in Divorce Situations.

Mastracci is committed to preserving parent-child relationships. He maintains the popular family law Blog: and encourages divorcing couples to educate themselves in the Collaborative Divorce method whereby they can demonstrate by their words and actions that they love their children more than they may dislike their ex. Mike will frankly tell you that contested divorce and child custody litigation is more often than not a waste of time, money and emotional wear and tear. This is one of several important messages in his book. See what the experts are saying about it at

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